♦ Healing therapies”online” BioUniversal®

 Healing “online”

Bio Universal Energy

BioUniversal® Energy transmitted “online”

Regenerates and recodifies mind, body and spirit

Removes pain and depression in the first session and connects participants to the highest universal frequencies.

Free trail “online” Prove it 

We transmit BioUniversal® Energy “online” to our patients, who can regenerate  and heal all kinds of physical, mental and spiritual illnesses.

Most patients can perceive the energy flow through their bodies, and often see  light flow through their bodies as they heal.

The first therapy is a free invitation

For patients to be able to prove the effectiveness and know if they are or not of benefit for them. For following therapies, a voluntary donation is requested, to help continue and further expand  the services of our Non Profit Org.

Examples of benefits participants can expect
with the first therapy

♦ Pain: is usually removed in the first therapy, even when strongest drugs can’t. We offer assisting patients to learn to control pain with the aid of a BioUniversal Energy Kit Pack.

♦ Depression: We get rid of depression in the first therapy, but will need of conceptual and further energy healing therapies for a total recovery.

♦ Spinal column: Patients feel the benefit in the first therapies when suffering disc hernia and other spinal problems. When attending to the recommendations of care  suggested, patients can expect to feel completely relieved, although,  more time of care and therapies follow-ups shall be necessary to expect a complete recovery.

♦ Rheumatism and arthritis: pain is completely relieved after the first therapy.

These are some of the very common examples of cases where our therapies are of great benefit. Many other illnesses can be regenerated with these therapies, and those which can’t, have shown a  great improvement in the quality of life obtained.

We can not guarantees to regenerate all patients. This is why we offer a free trial with no further obligation, so you can consider whether or not they are beneficial for you.

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