♦ Man neads to be recodified to become universal


Man must recodify himself

to become Universal

Man, is universally decodified on account of the ignorance inherited and imposed by the traditions and culture practiced in the place where he was born and educated, which prevents him from having access to universal knowledge and development.

Formerly man, was far behind the on the road, heading towards his natural universal destiny. He was primitive in his habits and knowledge, but he was universally codified and was on the road of his generative evolution for becoming a Universal Human Being.

Unfortunately man today, has been universally decodified and is on the road of his degenerative evolution. Unless he recodifies himself and retakes the universal direction of his primitive ancestors, his only future is of becoming energetic universal  waste.

Philosophy of life, imposed by the values of current economic, political and social systems, encourage the exploitation of man by man and the competition of one against others. This induces man to degenerate his natural instints and develop them into greed, selfishness etc. If we choose encouraging and inducing the development of human intelligence and universal consciousness, we would develop human fraternalist behavior and values.Instead of this when children are born their intelect is polluted and paralyzed with the myths and beliefs imposed according to where they or their parents were born. This restricts and separates them from their universal nature from the moment of birth, marking them as if cattle, with a nationality and a religion with the mark of the beast, with the mark of an animal belonging to a herd.

Humanity can not be separated or divided by borders, nationalities, races and religions. Humanity is one spirit, that when separated breaks into parts and therefore isn’t humanity, its herds. That’s where man is universally today, separated from the universal spirit, belonging to a herd.

This is the reason why, mans gender has been decodified. This is the reason why he doesn’t want to or can’t understand and appreciate universal concepts and BioUniversal Energy. At his best, he may understand through the contaminated way of understanding of his intellect, contaminated by the fantasies of the myths, beliefs and anti values that he has inculcated, defends and practices.

Man can’t recognize the vices which is victim and victimizer of. He is not aware of the vices which he practices and promotes. Not only smoking and drinking alcohol or other drugs are vices, there are many other vices much worse in his mind, in his beliefs, in his traditions and inherited culture, much worse than those of a poor lost drunk.

The Decodification of man is like when a strong virus attacks a computer, it decodifies the computer, and if a new program of last generation is tryed to be installed in it, it will reject it, it won’t accept installing it, and less of all be able of use. Man is in the same situation as the example of this computer, he is decodified and therfore can’t understand, recognize and value universalizing concepts, much less understand and develop BioUniversal Energy, he will reject and very probably attack universal knowledge, and the worst of all, the same as the computer, can’t be of any universal use.The universe will dispose of his energy the same as a unusefull computer is  disposed of in the garbage.

Therefore we must start by recodifying man. For this he must first free himself of all prejudice myths and beliefs he has inculcated in his mind, the same as when a computer is infected and paralyzed, the hard disk must be emptied to allow new beneficial information to be charged, then he is ready to start receiving universal information that will develop him and codify him universally.

For this we offer our “BioUniversal Guide” courses and practices ‘online”

Give your life a universal reason of existence, subscribe and make this your project of life.

Center Of Human Development


Our non profit organization in Mexico


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